We sensitize leaders to their legal obligations
and offer them global support.


  • HDS and ISO 27001 certification
    • o Support for ISO 27001 certification
  • Data protection: Delegate Service for the Protection of Personal Data or "Data Protection Officer »
    • o Compliance audit according to the GDPR
      • o Workshop animation "GDPR"
      • o Implementation of the Treatment Register (GDPR / RGPD Compliance)
      • o Implementation of GDPR processes (DPIA, PIA, Data Classification, Crisis Management, etc.)
  • Website design


  • Audit Security of Information Systems
  • Information Systems Security
    • Governance of Information Systems Security
      • o Risk analysis
      • o Architecture Definition and Validation Technical and functional security
      • o Implementation of security measures according to the security standards: ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST, GDPR / RGDP, Law of Military Programming (LPM), etc.
      • o Information Systems Security Dashboard
    • Operational security
      • o Administration of security tools
      • o Keeping safe

Ethical Compliance & Ethics

  • Compliance with the Law-Antibribery (ISO 31000 Law Sapin 2), SOX, Bale, SOLVENCY, PCI DSS
  • Compliance with the Antibribery Law (ISO 31000 Sapin Law 2), SOX
  • Customer Security Programm (CSP) Compliance: SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework

Training and awareness

  • ISO 27001 and HDS certification
  • Coaching
  • Training and awareness
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